Is It Too Late To Protect My Home From Termites-White Ants, In This Rainy Season?

It’s never too late to begin preparing your home for termite season. One of the best preventative measures you can take is to schedule termite inspections. Termites can spread from one yard to another quickly, and dig extensive tunnels from one property to another.

Tamil nadu and the surrounding areas have high termite populations, so it makes sense to start preventative measures ASAP. For this reason, there are 2 types of  treatment options available to homeowners. Indigen Pest Control Services utilizes state of the art treatment methods, such as 

One of the most common pests affecting properties in the Vellore district and Chennai area is the subterranean termite: a small, highly invasive insect whose habitat ranges across the entire India.

Subterranean termites focus on destroying soil quality through extensive tunneling, and cause serious crack issues in building which, in turn, encourage leakages. Established termite colonies are also responsible for severe wooden and property damages to homes.

What factors lead to termite infestations in my area?

During the rainy days , termites travel in large, flying groups called swarms. Termites tend to swarm on warm days after heavy rainfall; increased humidity brings these insects to the surface. Flying termites are reproductive males and females looking for new areas to colonize. Yards with poor drainage, standing water and wet soil are the most attractive to termites. Poor drainage means that the soil will be damp, easy to dig in, and will hold its shape when the termite tunnels; these factors allow termites to dig large nests underground. Abandoned wooden structures, wood and brush piles, and stumps on a property, will also attract termites.

How much damage can termites inflict on my property?

Termites can spread across your property very rapidly; much of their activity takes place underground, as well as in wooden structures in your home. Damage is hard for many novices to identify.

Scheduling a termite inspection allows a trained professional to examine your property. Should changes occur in your lawn, crawlspace, or any other part of your property, we’ll be the first to notice, and can begin effective treatment immediately.      

Indigen Pest Control Services is ready to deploy it for you. To discuss home treatment options with our professional executive, contact Indigen Pest Control Services today!